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Kochadaiiyaan is an trilingual (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi) India's First Photorealistic Performance Capture movie starring the Superstar Rajinikanth & Deepika Padukone. Direction by Soundarya Rajinikanth under the supervision of K S Ravikumar. Cast & Crew Details

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Kochadaiiyaan movie is based on Pandiyan king Kochadaiyan Ranadhiran (710-735 A.D). ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ is the story about how mighty warrior Rana fights to restore his father Kochadaiiyaan’s lost glory.
The rustic voice introduces us to the two warring kingdoms of Kalingpura and Kottaipattanam to the south of the country.
It’s after one of the many bloody battles between the two dynasties that we see a little boy running away from his brother, with blood smeared on his face. The citizens of the kingdom ruled by the senior Rajinikanth have nothing to worry in life and are enjoying all the pleasures under the sun. 
The king now becomes a victim of a plot hatched by one of his own men (Jackie Shroff), who plays the kingpin in the plot. Then Comes Rana, who impresses us and the king of Kalingpura with his gallantry.
He goes on to win many battles for Kalingpura and gains the trust of King Mahendra Raj (Jacckie Sharoff) and his son Veera Bhadra. He then convinces them to wage a war on Kottaipattanam, using the men they had captured from that kingdom.
It’s only on the battlefield that Rana announces his solidarity to Kottaipattanam. While King Rishikodayan (Nassar) embraces Rana, the prince rewards his friend and his heroism with the title of the ‘commander in chief’. 
Rana’s real sacrifices and his resolve to ensure his father Kochadaiiyaan’s legacy remains untarnished. His love interest is Vadhana Devi played by Deepika Padukone.
How Raana and Sena defeats the enemy and gets his kingdom is rest of the story which leads to the climax.
Character looks
On actor Rajinikanth's looks, the director quoted. "First, we (the team) scanned his face and made a 3D model to get the exact precision of his features, such as the scar on his nose. 
And then we corrected the 3D model by tightening his skin to make him look 25 years younger. They used that technology in the film Tron." The youthfulness of the look was compared to the looks that Rajinikanth carried in his film Muthu.
Official Press Announcement About Movie
Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend, worldwide in cinemas on May 23rd 2014, two weeks after its previously announced date of May 9th 2014 to cater to the demand for multiple language and the 2D and 3D versions to release the same day.
The film is being released in six Indian language versions Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Punjabi, simultaneously in 2D and 3D in over 6000 screens worldwide.
Although the entire unit was optimistically gearing up for a 9th May release, due to some unexpected technical issues, this mammoth worldwide release in multiple languages in 2D and 3D is now set to release on 23rd May 2014.
Rajinikanth has rendered his voice for a song in the Kochadaiyaan soundtrack. The song, composed by A. R. Rahman, is said to be a philosophical theme song called Ethirigal Illai. It was penned by Vairamuthu and recorded on 11 March 2012. 
This is the second time, that the actor took part in playback singing for a film, earlier he had rendered his voice for the song Adikuthu Kuliru in the 1992 film Mannan.
Rajinikanth also sung the theme song in the Hindi version, which was co-sung by A. R. Rahman and penned by Irshad Kamil. Sony Music Entertainment has acquired the music rights of the film.
Announcements on Release Date
The first trailer of the film was all set to be screened at 66th annual Cannes Film Festival in mid-May 2013, however it was delayed due to Soundarya's dissatisfaction over the final cut of the trailer. The first teaser trailer was released digitally on 9 September 2013, coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi.
Initially, the film was set for a November 2012 release in India. In course of time, the release date was advanced to September 2012. Later, reports stated that Soundarya Rajinikanth was planning to release the film on 12 December 2012, coinciding with Rajinikanth's birthday. However, it was postponed to January 2013 due to extensive post-production work.
The reports of February 2013 strongly considered the film to release on the eve of Puthandu in April 2013. Though on 3 March 2013, the makers of the film zeroed on 5 July 2013 as the release schedule, later reports of June 2013 suggested that the film would be released on Diwali.
Kochadaiiyaan – The Legend, worldwide in cinemas on May 23rd 2014, two weeks after its previously announced date of May 9th 2014.
Rajinikanth's next film, after Shankar's Enthiran (2010), was supposed to be Rana, a historical drama film to be directed by K. S. Ravikumar and dually-produced by Soundarya R. Ashwin's Ocher Picture Productions and Eros Entertainment. However, Rajinikanth became ill and was treated for dehydration and exhaustion at a hospital, resulting in postponement of Rana's filming.
On 23 November 2011, for her maiden directorial project, Soundarya tweeted through her Twitter account, notifying followers to watch out for an official announcement.
The following day, she announced that her father's next film would be titled Kochadaiyaan and that she was "[grateful and] excited to be directing [her] father". A tentatively scheduled release period of August 2012 was also announced.
Soundarya further stated that K. S. Ravikumar had worked with her father and herself on the script of the film. The director clarified that Kochadaiiyaan was not related to the same-titled history series being published by the Tamil magazine Kumudam.